Why this website exists?

If you’re here you may consider why I started blogging if there are so many other websites like that. As you may notice, the programming isn’t easy. To become a very good software engineer you have to master a lot of skills. Knowing the syntax of a programming language is not enough.

Good organizing the source code, writing appropriate test cases, working with tools are only technical aspects of our job. You have to have good soft skills like communication, good managing time, sharing knowledge, pro-active approach… There are so much of these things that it’s hard to list them all.

The main aim of this website is to share what I’ve learned since I wrote the very first line of the code. I try to share with you my experience and knowledge. I want to help you get through this path with satisfaction and pleasure. So, the blog is not for me.

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That’s the reason I reeeally appreciate any feedback you can give me. Would you read more about some technologies? Maybe tools? Or maybe about some soft skills like event storming, agile and so on? You can mail me at bklimczak@developer20.com.

Why do I care?

There are many reasons behind it. Some of them are selfish like improving myself (I have to have some preparation before I wrote a blog post) and some aren’t. I could not find some answers to my questions on the internet so when I finally got them I want to do my best to find them as quickly as it’s possible and as good as I can do.

So… thank you for being here and wish me good luck!

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