I'am Bartek,
Go trainer


Why me?

I`m a Go developer. I love to learn by teaching other and that`s the reason I started blogging. But that`s not all. I started appearing in front of the audience on various company events. I really liked it.

I work as the developer since 2011. I started in a small agency where I learned basics. Throw the past, I realized that programming is not only about programming. It`s something more and this blog is to show you how I think how future developers should or will think. I`m Google Developer Expert since 2019 with Go.


I have a list of trainings available that I am able to carry out in your company.

All trainings are focused on practical examples (very often from real-world applications).

Trainings can place both remotely or in your office. I'm flexible about the training plan so if you're interested more in some topics - we will get along.


I had a Go workshop with Mr. Bartek. The course was intensive, interesting and rich in knowledge. Mr. Bartek not only allowed me to get to know the most important aspects of him, but also to make me more interested. He provided detailed and comprehensive answers to the questions. Thanks to this, I am now able to play with this language and develop it further. Thank you very much :)
Maciej Sajdok (The Software House)
I had the pleasure to participate in the language training conducted by Mr. Bartłomiej. The training was very interesting and the various mechanisms of the language were discussed. People with different experience participated in the training. Mr. Bartłomiej adapted the way of conducting the workshops so that everyone could get the most out of it. I will certainly use the acquired knowledge in my daily work.
Piotr Spałek (Rossmann)