Summary of 2019
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This is the very first time I write a summary of a year. I feel that today is the day I should start doing it and that some digits may be interesting for some people.

The biggest change I made this year was changing the blogging platform to Hugo and focused more on Go content. I continued organizing GoCracow meetup. This helped me become a Google Developer Expert in Go category.

My first article was An agony of trying to do the job. Since then, I wrote 27 articles. In 2019, I had 10654 readers (in the year before it was about 2000 readers) mostly from Poland and the United States. The most popular articles are Writing TCP scanner in Go (3113 readers) and When you can lose messages in Kafka (2132 readers).

I started using Reddit more often and to be honest - it surprised me a lot. The audience there is awesome and I always receive very constructive feedback about my materials.

I started working on a new project which will be released in January 2020. It will be open-source and will focus on promoting the best content about Go.

The audience

Some facts about the audience: 63% of readers use Google Chrome and 13% use Safari The most popular operating system is Windows 26% and Mac OS 25% I had 3 BlackBerry users! Average session duration is 42 seconds.

That’s it for now. If you want to know more facts just let me know in the comments section below. Happy New Year!