How to name exceptions? It’s not so obvious...

Naming things is one of the most difficult things in our job. Naming exceptions are even more complicated because exceptions are not regular classes. In this article, I’ll tell you a bit about naming conventions I’ve found and tell pros and cons of them. The ‘Exception’ suffix. To add or not to add There are two schools to add the suffix or not to add it. Let’s take a look a bit closer to see main pros and cons of both points of view.

Mutational tests

When you have a very simple application it’s not so important to test every edge case but in a project, in the very complex domain, the priority of it will increase. The more high-quality the tests, the more high-quality the code. Mutational tests will help you with making sure you did not miss some a variant of the flow in your code. How it works Mutational testing is a test which runs other test several times but with a bit changed production code in every iteration.

An agony of trying to do the job

I’ll tell you a story of Igor. Igor is a web developer. He’s a young man with a girlfriend and some ambitious plan in the future. Igor sit at his desk because he has some work to do. In front of him is a PC. He turns it on and sees some system updates. 30 minutes have passed, and he can see his desktop with a beautiful wallpaper. Funny cats always make his day better.