News from the web #4

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I hope you’re well. This time, I share with you with some free books, more Go’s internals but we start with building Go applications using GCP and terraform.

Too modern Go application? Building a serverless application with Google Cloud Run and Firebase #cloud

Friend of mine published his blog post about how to run Go app (but it can be everything) with Google Cloud Run and Firebase. This post is related to the next one….

A complete Terraform setup of a serverless application on Google Cloud Run and Firebase #terraform #cloud

In this step, you’ll learn how to configure the whole infrastructure using Terraform and GCP. Next, you’ll find information on how to configure deployment. Cannot wait for the gRPC part!

What’s coming in Go 1.15 #golang

Go will have a new linter and will build smaller binaries. What else will change? Read the material!

Faking stdin and stdout in Go #golang

How to test Go’s std output? Because stdin and stdout are standard io.Reader and io.Writer you can use pipes to fake it!

How the Go runtime implements maps efficiently (without generics) #golang

Maps are a perfect example of generics’ usage, right? Maybe that’s true but in Go we don’t have generics. YET. So how did Go Team build maps without them and how hash maps helped with it?

Linux not Windows: Why Munich is shifting back from Microsoft to open source – again #linux

Some time ago, Munich was famous in Linux word for his migration to open source products. They failed. However, they try once again. Will they fail? Will 2020 be the year of Linux? :D

Top 10 Routinely Exploited Vulnerabilities #security

This link contains 10 Vulnerabilities you should care about in your organization. You can find there most of Microsoft Office vulnerabilities as well as Flash! Who’s still using it?!

1000+ Hand-Crafted Go Examples, Exercises, and Quizzes #golang

There’s ton of small but useful Go examples to help you understand some concepts of the language. Recommended for beginners.

Springer has released 65 Machine Learning and Data books for free #books

Who doesn’t like free stuff? You’ll find there about books Linear and nonlinear programming, data structures, discrete mathematics, robotics and more.

Building Uber’s Go Monorepo with Bazel #golang

Bazel is a build system. I’ve never used it but it sounds interesting. Uber describes their experience with the tool and how they work with it. It looks that there’s a lot of companies who use it so maybe it’s the time to learn Bazel?

That’s all I prepared for you this week. I hope you like it. Don’t forget to let your friends know about the newsletter and see you next week!

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