News from the web #3

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I hope you’re well. This time, you’ll read about useful things about databases, some dev jokes or how to make an old game look prettier.

Lessons learned after a year as a junior developer

The author describes three lessons he learned as a Junior developer. I put it here because I think those lessons are valid and worth remembering.

Dev jokes #humor

A list of dev jokes. Some of them are even funny :)

Love Bug’s creator tracked down to repair shop in Manila #security

The security tag is a bit too much, probably but… The author of “I Love You virus” is known! After 20 years.

Cracking Age of Empires III over shader quality settings #gamedev #lowlevel

The guy found the time to manually change Age of Empires III code to make it look better. Very long but interesting reading.

Microsoft’s GitHub account hacked, private repositories stolen #security

From what we know now, nothing very important leaked but still. It shows that everyone can be hacked.

Pimp your Blog: Calculate the ‘reading time’ #webdev

One of two interesting posts about how to add something pretty and useful to readers. I’m going to add the progress bar to my blog :) BTW, do you have any other things that make the blog more user-friendly?

Failed #SquadGoals

Do you remember the Netflix development model? Netflix doesn’t use it anymore. Then, you (probably) shouldn’t as well.

Lidl owner launching its own rival to Amazon Web Services #cloud

AWS, Azure and GCP competition? Why not! Lidl’s owner is going to launch his own cloud platform. Looking forward reading more about it!

Go: How to Take Advantage of the Symbols Table #golang

Internals are what we like the most. don’t we? This time, we have the chance to read about symbols table in Go.

Go: Samples Collection with pprof #golang

I hope that everyone knows what pprof is. Is not, read the article right away. It’s not very long or deep enough but still worth reading.

What you do while waiting

Yeah, good question. What do you do while waiting? Reading a blog post, checking mail or something else? The key thing in our work is to be as productive as it’s possible. Read it while waiting :)

Learning to work asynchronously takes time #remote

Almost everyone works remotely. To be hones, it’s hard, and it takes time to do correctly. You’ll find a list of tips how to boost your productivity while working from home.

Why we at $FAMOUS_COMPANY Switched to $HYPED_TECHNOLOGY #humor

A funny article that can be a template for everyone who leaves big companies like Google or Amazon for a small startup.

A curated directory of resources, tools & hacks for non-techs

We are developers, right? But, we have one cons - we can see code everywhere. Sometimes it’s not the case. Sometimes it’s easier to build a blog with a newsletter and e-mail marketing without writing a single line of code.

Things I Wished More Developers Knew About Databases #database

Let’s face it - databases are hard. Differences between implementations or even versions of DB engines can be significant. The authors tells us a list of things we have to keep in mind about DBs.

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