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I hope you’re well. This time, I prepared more security content but didn’t forget about Go stuff :) You’ll learn the history of user agents, how to get a simple infrastructure for free and more. Happy reading!

Multiple vulnerabilities found in Zyxel CNM SecuManager #security

If the tool has “Secure” in its name it doesn’t mean it’s secure :) Pierre did an audit of Zyxel CNM SecuManager and in the article describes vulnerabilities he found.

The Zero-Dollar Infrastructure Stack #infra

Who said we have to pay lots of money for our infrastructure?! In the article, the author describes how you can build a simple application using only free tools/limits.

I came for the easy concurrency, I stayed for the natural composition #golang

John Graham-Cumming describes why Go is his language of choice and why he likes it so much.

[So I reverse engineered two dating apps…]( #security

This is another pentest of apps, but this time there are dating applications. Everyone makes mistakes, but no reaction from vendors isn’t a good sign.

30,000 Percent Increase in COVID-19-Themed Attacks #security

Interesting article which shows how attackers use COVID-19 to attack or scam us. Valuable blog post with screenshots of how attacks look like.

Ultimate Go study guide #golang

This repo contains the author’s notes on learning Go and computer systems. The core is the Ultimate Go course. You can find detailed commented code and links to articles.

My journey optimizing the Go Compiler #golang #performance

Who doesn’t like assembly? Assel Meher describes how he optimized his code and shows why switch was 96x faster than map.

History of the browser user-agent string #webdev

Did you think why user agents look so weird? This article describes why you can find things like compatible; MSIE 2.0; Windows 95 in the user-agent header.

Here’s a look into the strategy and emails that won me my first $10k+ website development contract #freelance #webdev

A series of tweets where you can find information how Steve Tenuto (@steve_tenuto) he won his …first $10k+ website development contract :)

Your dumb ideas often work best

Sometimes your idea may sound dumb. But, sometimes dump thoughts can be successful. This story tells how memes can be profitable in a surprising way. PS I had no idea for a tag for it :)

Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches #unclebob

Recently, Uncle Bob started working on a post where he describes patterns for managing the source code branches. Personally, I keep it super simple. One branch per change and master for production, but there are different ways of doing it.

[Inlining optimisations in Go]( #golang #performance

Inlining is one of basic optimization done by the compiler. In Go, it works quite well. Every function call has its cost. On the other hand, inlining isn’t for free as well. From this material, you’ll learn more about it.

Go 101 #golang

Go 101 is a book focusing on Go syntax/semantics and all kinds of details (Go 1.14 ready). I haven’t read it yet but heart it’s excellent :)


Do you want to install Go tools using Homebrew? If yes, this is the link for you.

Speed Up Your Development Flow With These Dockerfile Best Practices #docker

Docker good practices: incremental builds, using only official packages and more.

To Microservices and Back Again - Why Segment Went Back to a Monolith #architecture

A success monolith story :) Microservices aren’t the golden bullet. It’s always worth reading such stories to avoid bad architecture decisions.

Pentagon officially releases UFO videos #ufo

Do you believe in UFO? Pentagon published recording with unidentified flying object. Is it a drone? Or something not from our planet?

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