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Learn how to write high quality Go code

Learning how to write easy to read and understand code is essencial. It improves both your and your teammates performance.

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Internet is full of theory. The same comes with books. From me, you'll get projects or examples from real world examples (very often from my own projects). No more only theory. Practice is the key!

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Only subscribers will receive special materials that will help understand the key concepts of Go (and software engineering in general).

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I listen to my subscribers. You can suggest a topic. I'll put it very high on my to-do list! This is how OAuth2 and Go was created!

About Me

I started my programming work in 2012. In 2018, I wrote my first line of code in Go on production and one year later I became Google Developer Expert in Go category. I'm the leader of local Meetup group #GoCracow as well as co-organizer #GolandPoland (we moved online because of COVID).

That's not all! I have a several open-source projects like GoBDD or cyclop but most of my time I focus on my blog where I share my knowlage with others.