Monday’s Newspaper

Hello everyone! Another Monday’s newspaper is ready! Below you’ll find links you (hopefully) you’ll find interesting. 

Entity and value objects

This is my blog post which describes what entity and value object is. Moreover, it shows the differences between them.

How Continuous Delivery Impacts Testing

The testing is one of my favorite topics. In this post, you’ll find the interview with Jeff Morgan. He talks about his work and describes how this approach had the impact on his team.

Types of Data Structures

From this material, you’ll learn more about data structures like linear or not linear data types like queues or graphs.

Rethinking Netflix’s Edge Load Balancing

Extremely interesting retrospective about Netflix’s load balancer. They talk about problems with the join-the-shortest algorithm and describe how the deal with their problems.

Should you work at a startup

That’s an interesting question and Swizec Teller answers is in an interesting way. What’s pros and cons of working at a startup vs. BigTech vs. start your own?

There is No Such Thing as a Microservice!

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