Monday’s newspaper #3

Hello everyone! Another Monday’s newspaper is ready! Below you’ll find links you (hopefully) you’ll find interesting. Happy reading and have a nice week!

Goodbye JavaScript, Hello WebAssembly

Can JavaScript be replaced? From today point of view, it is impossible but after a few years… Microsoft has a plan!

How Continuous Delivery Impacts Testing

This is an interview with Jeff Morgan who talks about how continuous delivery impact the way that we should think about quality or how it impacts testers job.

How to Build Microservices with This JVM-Based Framework

This tutorial shows how to build a lightweight microservice using very minimal framework.

MS-DOS v1.25 and v2.0 Source Code

Microsoft published the source code of MS-DOS! Who can find something interesting in the repository?

There is No Such Thing as a Microservice! – Chris Richardson January 2018

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