Monday’s newspaper #1

Hello! Nice to see you. This is the first Monday newspaper. In this newsletter, you’ll find articles about DDD, event sourcing, event storming, agile, software architecture and much more. 

Why do many people say that Scrum is a bullshit?

Scrum is a very popular framework. However, many people say that Scrum makes no sense and they have partially right. In this article, I share with you my experience and thoughts which may explain why Scrum fails many times.

Big events vs Small events – from the perspective of refactoring

Did you know that you can refactor events? Author of the post compares big events to small events and says about the benefits of making them smaller.

Why Agile Teams Should Estimate at Two Different Levels

Very interesting point of view about estimations. The author says that estimating tasks using two different units can be very powerful. What units he suggests and why?

Postmortem — why Allegro went down

The most popular e-commerce platform in Poland, similar to eBay, went down for twenty minutes. In this article, they describe very closely what happened and why.

COBOL and the big tin bank

Is COBOL dead? Not yet! What’s even more interesting will be power financial infrastructure for many years. Why nobody even tries to replace this old technology?

Module Oriented Architecture

Module oriented architecture is a set of articles. Topics that were raised are modules, routing, coupling and decoupling and much more.

World’s First AI That Can Predict A Person’s Choices Before They Make It

Our brain is world’s most powerful machine. You will amaze to know that if we take our brain as a computer, it could perform 38 thousand trillion operations per second, the world’s most powerful supercomputer is able  do only 0.002% of that. Human brain has 100 billion neurons and each neurons fires (on average) about 200 times per second.


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