GoCracow #5 Go's Matrix by Mateusz Szczyrzyca

GoCracow #5 Golang and BDD - Bartłomiej Klimczak

There is godog library for BDD tests in Go. I found this library useful but it run as an external application which compiles our code. It has a several disadvantages: no debugging (breakpoints) in the test. Sometimes it’s useful to go through the whole execution step by step metrics don’t count the test run this way some style checkers recognise tests as dead code it’s impossible to use built-in features like build constraints.

GoCracow #4 Develop embedded applications faster | Comparing C and Golang - Marcin Pasinski

What makes Go attractive? What have to do with your program before you can see it results? It’s really so simple language in general? Or maybe these claims are not true now? What’s going on when Matrix has bugs? Now it’s time to take the blue pill and to explore another world. This is the world where the only chosen will find attractive when the colors are not the same and things don’t look like as usual.

GoCracow #4 Go better - cross platfrom code for backend and mobile application by Paweł Bizoń

GoCracow #4 Read/write anomalies and how to handle them with isolation levels - Wojciech Milewski