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New project: ecommerce

I’m excited to share with you my new project - an open-source e-commerce platform. The frontend is built with ReactJS and the backend is written in Go. Project Goals The goal of this project is to: Continuously improve and develop the platform. Provide an opportunity for less experienced programmers to gain experience working on a real project. Experiment with various methodologies and tools that may not be available in other work settings (event-driven architecture, DDD, event sourcing, and more).

Password policies

One of tasks I was working on recently is related to password policies. Of course, everything is configurable in code right now. In this note I want to tell you about some my decisions and how I got to them. My first idea was creating an interface that any policy will have to satisfy. type PasswordPolicy interface { Verify(pass string) error } That make sense, doesn’t it? When I was working on specific policy implementation I had a feeling that the type doesn’t have to be an interface.