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Hi! I’m Bartek and I’m a software developer. I love to learn by teaching other and that’s the reason I started blogging. But that’s not all.

My performance on re:fresh

I started appearing in front of the audience on various company events. I really liked it.

I work as the developer since 2011 in a small agency where I learned basics. Throw the past, I realized that programming is not only about programming. It’s something more and this blog is to show you how I think how future developers should or will think.

If you want to contact me just send me a message to the email address bklimczak(at)developer20(dot)com.

My performances

Event name Presentation’s title
GoCracow #2 What I’d like to know earlier…
GoCracow #1 GIT under the hood
Re:fresh A short story about GraphQL
Re:fresh Dependency inversion in Composer
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Hi! My name is Bartek. I'm a developer since 2011. I love to learn by sharing the knowledge. You can find me on Twitter or Linkedin. I'm a backend engineer at Brainly.

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