5 great articles about machine learning for beginners

On the Internet, you can find a lot of articles about machine learning. There are so many of them so I decided to pick 5 and share them with you.

Machine Learning for Dummies with TensorFlow.js

TensorFlow is a library for high-performance numerical computation. Installation instructions are available in the official docs. In this article, it’s an example of a simple application which detects music type. I like this post because is simple and very clear and it’s a great start for beginners test how it works.

Object Detection with 10 lines of code

Another practical article where you’ll learn how to create object detection project very fast.

I was surprised how fast and how effective it can be.

Machine learning is fun!

This time it’s not a single article but a series of them. It gives a great overview throw all the most common topics related to machine learning.

  1. Machine Learning is Fun!
  2. Machine Learning is Fun! Part 2
  3. Deep Learning and Convolutional Neural Networks
  4. Modern Face Recognition with Deep Learning
  5. Language Translation with Deep Learning and the Magic of Sequences
  6. How to do Speech Recognition with Deep Learning
  7. Abusing Generative Adversarial Networks to Make 8-bit Pixel Art
  8. How to Intentionally Trick Neural Networks

Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithms: Linear Regression

Machine learning is about algorithms. It’s well-known opinion that when you start playing with it it’s not necessary to understand the algorithms. However, after some time it’ll become necessary. In this article, the author explains one of the easiest algorithm called linear regression. He explains what it is and how exactly it works with math plots which helps understand it even better.

Machine Learning: how to go from Zero to Hero

It’s another great article which explains what machine learning is, how it works and how to get started.


Do you have other cool resources about Machine learning you want to share with others? Please add the post in comment section below 🙂

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